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a precision GPRS 2-channel system that accurately monitors your incoming clean/mains water consumption.

2 Kanal Datenlogger

Der MSFM Datenlogger ist ein Präzisions-2-Kanal System, das genauestens den Wasserverbrauch erfaßt.

It provides industry standard remote monitoring and has a specially designed aerial to maximise the signal in underground locations.

  • Suitable for any pulse output enabled water meter.
  • Data can be used for leakage, billing or consumption purposes.
  • 4 individual alarms provide issue notification and data updates when you need them.

product specification

Digital Inputs
Up to 2: pulses counted over, and recorded at, preset intervals
Tamper/status and event recording supported
Connects to all meters that provide pulse or 4-20 mA output

Optional Integrated Pressure Measurement
Input range: 0 – 100m (0 – 10 bar) or 0 – 200m (0 – 20 bar)
+/-0.5% accuracy
+/-0.5% resolution (optional +/-0.1%)

Quad band: 900MHz, 1800MHz / 850MHz, 1900MHz
Integral antenna
Optional external antenna

Serial Port
Type: full duplex, asynchronous
Data rate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 bps

Size: 128K, allocatable between channels as required (maximum 64K per channel)
Type: solid state, non-volatile

Clock Type:
Crystal controlled calendar clock with leap year adjustment
Accuracy: 100 seconds per monthly maximum error over operating temperature range
Synchronisation: option to synchronise clock to GSM network

Internal lithium battery pack
Optional high capacity external lithium battery pack, user replaceable
Life: typical battery life >5 years (depending on mode of use)

Data Transmission
SMS or GPRS. 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or monthly at programmable date and time

Recording interval: programmable between 1 second and 1 hour
Data storage: rotating store or store until full
Supports average and statistical recording (minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation) over a defined logging interval

Alarm Dial-Out
High/low threshold and profile alarms independently configurable on each channel
Option to update data on alarm and more frequently thereafter

Operating ambient temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Protection classification: IP68
(submersion at 1m depth for >24 hours)

Diameter: 149mm
Height: 146.5mm
Weight: 0.750kg



+49 9841 4038242

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